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Artist: Carlos Alfredo

8 years in Graphic Design 

3 years Custom Clothing Design

4 years in The tattoo game 

3 years web design

2 years in marketing 

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All Videos
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tattoo vidx123

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Beyond The Surface 
  Artist Name: Carlos Alfredo
Featured Work

From memorial tattoos to custom pieces or some quick flash tatts or anything you can think of I will ink and or refer you to an artist in my call log. Even if you're just interested in seeing my process, come sit in on a session and watch me work in a clean safe environment setting in my home built studio. Over here its about you, bring friends, family, and hell a Jehovah's witness. This is a judge free zone and a place where you can get tattoos free from weirdos and shops that give you shitty tattoos. So many clients I have met that have went to a shop and came back with bad work makes me so frustrated so I decided ill drop the price, drop the location, and give the people what they deserve, & that's great artwork, great conversation, and most importantly the true experience of how a tattoo session should be accomplished.  Text:1-616-929-2892 
Artist Name: Carlos Alfredo

At Beyond The Surface, we believe in the power of storytelling through visuals. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, we bring your ideas to life on screen. Our dedication to our craft ensures that every project is a unique masterpiece. Home built studio Home made tattoos. Mi casa Su casa


Contact:  Text:1-616-929-2892 
Artist Name: Carlos Alfredo
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